Condition of Uyghur Muslims in China


Uyghurs are minority Turkic ethnic group who have been living in the Xinjiang autonomous region for many centuries. They are currently being subjected to systematic repression and torture by the Chinese government

Why is China torturing and putting the Uyghurs in concentration camps?

The region of Xinjiang was annexed by Chine in the year 1949 following the Chinese civil war. The Uyghurs had their own government structure and autonomy in the region prior to this dating back hundreds of years. Most people in this region were the Uyghurs but after the annexation other Chinese ethnic groups began migration to this area with the Han being the largest.

There was resentment in the Uyghurs as they lost their land and some people wanted independence from China which China deemed very threatening. During the 1980s and 90s there were severe attacks on the Uyghurs and their treatment has only gotten worse now due to the extreme measures taken the China to protect their interests.

Current situation

  • Beijing has tried to suppress the Uyghur people and has been forcing them to leave their culture and religion and totally assimilate into the Chinese culture.
  • Any display of religious identity is dealt with brutally. Things such as fasting, carrying the Quran are banned.
  • People are being put in concentration camps and totally cut off from families.
  • Thousands of mosques have been banned
  • Eating pork (which is prohibited in Islam) is considered to be a sign of moderation
  • Under the pretense of “terrorism”, the Chinese government is executing a brutal abuse and crackdown of their people.
  • Estimated over 2.5 million people are being held in concentration camps
  • The Uyghur region is very rich in natural reserves so economic interest and greed are also a motivation of the Chinese government.
  • People are made to denounce their faith Islam and become anti-Muslim communists.

What we can do?

Check this website for actions we can take today!

  • Call congress
  • Write to senators
  • Write to representatives
  • Spread awareness through social media networks such as facebook and twitter using the #SaveUighur hastag.
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