Mosques being bulldozed in the Xinjian region of China


Mosques(Masjids, places of sujood/prostration) are very important to Muslims. It is a place where Muslims prostrate in prayer five times a day to the Lord of all that exists. It is a place for learning, socializing and a place to come close to the creator of the heavens and the earth. It is part of the Muslim’s identity. It is part of their lives. It is a part of them.

These structures that play such a vital and central role in the daily lives of Muslims are being systematically bulldozed by the Chinese government in the Muslim dominant region of Xinjiang. This has been ongoing as part of its suppression of the Uyghur minority.

There are places where mosques have been replaced with parking lots, gardens and other structures to prevent the practice of religion. Any symbols of religious expression (such as beard) have been brutally restrained.

The pursuit of the ultimate Chinese government’s goal of secularization continues in the ugliest fashion. The Uyghur culture, their heritage, and its people are paying the price as the world watches shruggingly.

Watch shruggingly is what the world powers have done when the victims are Muslims.and when it serves their interests. This sickening double standard continues to become more and more obvious. Justice will eventually prevail inshaAllah.

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