The wars for oil


It WAS mainly about oil and it IS mainly about oil still.

1951 – Mohammed Mosaddegh get democratically elected to become the 35th prime minister of Iran. He decides to say no to the exploitation of western oil companies and legislation is passed to nationalize the oil industry to the people of the country benefit as they deserve. Mosaddegh becomes a threat in the eyes of the UK and the US who were directly benefitting from the exploitation of that country’s natural resources.

1953 – the US and the UK orchestrate a coup d’état to overthrow the democratically elected government of Mohammed Mosaddegh since his ideas and intentions were deemed as a direct threat to the economic interests of the US and UK.

The bottom line is that the US and UK wanted to continue to exploit the natural oil reserves in Iran for their own benefit and they showed the world that they will achieve this at any cost.


2003 – the United States decides to invade Iraq under the pretense of “weapons of mass destruction” and the world believes them. It is important to note that prior to 2003, Iraq’s oil industry was fully nationalized with no foreign involvement. After the war, guess what? The oil industry was now heavily dominated by the likes of Exxon, BP, and Shell. While oil may not have been the only goal, it was definitely a central one. Oil service Companies such as Halliburton also set up shop in Iraq post-war.

Bottom line: Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives during this US-led war – men, women, and children. The main reason, again securing the oil reserves of those countries so the people in the west can continue living luxuriously.


2019 – the US is thinking about going to war with Iran. If this happens, it will be another illegitimate war that will take hundreds of thousands of lives only serving the interests of oil and weapon companies.

What did the US achieve in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan? They were unsuccessful at the end if we look at the loss of human lives. They left the countries in a much worse condition than before and created a power vacuum that led to further instability in the region.

Among the 9 most warmongering countries in the world, the US ranks 2nd, UK 4th, France 6th, and Australia 7th.

Can we give peace a chance in the middle-east?


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