My quick reflections – Surat Al-Fajr


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Allah SWT wants us to ponder over how He dealt with the previous nations that were considered to be the most “powerful” of their time. The people of ‘Aad, Thamud and Fir’awn all had one thing in common and that is their oppression of the weak. This is a warning to the oppressors of today whether they are causing oppression at a global scale (in other countries), within their own countries, or causing oppression in their own houses (with spouse or children). Husband and Wife should treat each other with mercy, and they should not oppress the other. Then with the will of Allah we shall see the blessings in that relationship. Oppression can also be done against one’s own soul i.e. by doing things that displease Allah SWT. All forms of oppression are wrong and must be avoided. If we are the cause of oppression, we must stop and if we see oppression around us, we must take a stand against it in a manner that best suits the need.

We all have limited time to do good things in this life whether it is taking care of our families, feeding the poor, helping others or giving everyone their due right. The time to fulfill those obligations is now. We should not let the Shaytan lead us to think that we can become a better person tomorrow as procrastination is a soldier of Shaytaan. People’s neglect of the hereafter will become a great source of regret for them, but nothing will help them on that day. We won’t have time to do good deeds then. It will be too late as it was for Fir’awn who acknowledged the power of Allah when he was drowning. Who can be more successful than a person who shall hear on that day an announcement to enter paradise?  

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