My reflections on Surat Al-Inshiqaaq

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Reflection on Surat Al-Inshiqaaq

Everything in this entire universe is subservient to Allah SWT. He is the Lord and Master of this universe and all things and beings are His creation and follow his command and order. This surah again reminds us that the day of judgement is true, we will have to answer for our deeds and depending on our actions we will be given the record in our right or left hand. Some people doubt the day of judgement and act as if there is no life after this. Some Muslims, even though they believe in this concept of yawm al qiyaamah, have not truly internalized it as their actions do not reflect that belief. Yet some others, doubt whether Allah will bring them back to life and question them. They forget that if Allah can bring us into being from nothing, then he can surely bring us back to life again. All of these ayaat should impact our behavior and bring us closer to Allah.

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