The haa us sakt in the Quran

  • The haa us sakt is haa saakin that appears at the end of the word
Haa us Sakt


  • It occurs in 7 unique words in 9 positions in the Quran

Positions in the Quran – There are two ways to read this in general 1. By making waqf (ending of ayah) – read as usual. 2. Waslan (read with the sukoon)

  1. Surah Baqarah V 259
Reading with waqf (Stop)
Reading without stop

2. Surah Al An’aam V 60

Reading with stop
Reading without stop

3. Surah Al Haaqqah V 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29

There are 6 positions in this surah which have haa us sakt. 4 words (2 words are repeated)

position 1 (see image above) with stop
position 1 without stop
position 2 with stop
position 2 without stop
Position 3 with stop
Position 3 without stop
Position 4 with stop
Position 4 without stop

Position 5

According to scholars, this position has 3 ways

1 – With stop

With sakt

With idghaam

4. Surah Al Qar’iah V 10

with stop
without stop

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